1 month after shortage, FG finally imports 5000 vials of anti-venom for snake bite victims

The federal government has approved the importation of 5,000 vials of anti-snake venom into the country – The anti-venom for the treatment of snake bites arrived Nigeria over the weekend After one month of acute shortage of Anti-Snake Venom (ASV), resulting into massive snakebite deaths across Nigeria, 5,000 vials of the ASV have arrived into the country. The ASV drug, which arrived at the weekend, included EchiTAB G for the treatment of bites from carpet vipers, and EchiTAB Plus for venom from carpet viper, Puff Adder and Black Cobra. EchiTAB G is produced by Micropharm Ltd, United Kingdom, while EchiTAB Plus is produced at Instituto Clodomiro Picado, University of Costa Rica. The last tranche of the drug, supplied in August, was used up in September, throwing the treatment centres into chaos as victims massed in, following a sharp rise in snakebites occasioned by the on-going harvest season. But Dr. Nandul Durfa, Managing Director, EchiTAB Study Group (ESG), Representatives of the two foreign outfits manufacturing the drug, in Nigeria, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday that the ASV crisis was over. “We received 3,000 ASV vials from Costa Rica and 2,000 vials from United Kingdom at the weekend; the acute shortage that culminated into massive deaths was unfortunate, but it is now over,’’ Durfa said.

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