150 Nigerians stranded as Oyo government plans to demolish Yinka Ayefele’s music house

The Oyo state government have concluded plans to demolish The Yinka Ayefele Music House, belonging to Tungba music creator, Yinka Ayefele, which is situated along Falana Rd in Ibadan.

The state government revealed that they plan on demolishing the building stating that it is on the way of the planned 8 lane road expansion in Ibadan.

Although Yinka Ayefele is yet to speak on the issue, he had earlier reacted publicly to the news when it first came out.

He said: “”I know it’s a test of my faith and it will soon pass. I observed the stipulated distance range for the building, but no one knew that the area would soon attract an 8-lane way, which will mean more lands have to give way for the expansion.”

“I know I’m not the only one this will affect. there are hundreds of good people of Oyo state who derive their daily meals from different activities that are carried out in the building. I know the governor of Oyo state will now allow injustice to be carried out. I know he has a good heart and if the house is demolished, I hope I will be duely compensated.” He said.


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