2012: The North has crumbled..each state is on its own/Nura Alkali

Nura Alkali @ Zainab:
The problem with Northern Nigeria, in my opinion, resulted not from one or two ethnic groups trying to dominate others, but from the selfishness of the those who ruled Nigeria and those who governed parts of the North in the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. Whether they were Kanuri, Nupe, Hausa or Fulani, those so-called leaders were more interested in stealing public funds, building mansions in Miami and Dubai, and ediucating their children in London, than in developing the states they governed. It started during the time of Shehu Shagari and is still ongoing today, believe me. For instance, from 1999 till date, Niger state has been ruled by Nupes and Borno State by Kanuris. The Hausas and Fulanis have had little say in the affairs of both states since 1999, since their population in those areas is negligible. But are Niger and Borno states now better than Adamawa (presently ruled by a Fulani), Bauchi (also a Fulani), Plateau (Birom), and Zamfara (Hausa) in terms of poverty, infant mortality, maternal mortrality, access to heathcare, etc? In fact, Boko Haram, the greatest menace to the North and Nigeria today, sprang up in Kanuri-dominated Borno and Yobe states. What have the Hausa/Fulani got to do with that? As i pointed out earlier, the North has crumbled, and each state is now on its own. Sink or swim, the ball is in the court of the governor and the house of assembly


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