2015 : Balarabe Garba Yakubu On Functional Education

Balarabe Garba Yakubu wrote on October 12 2015
According to experts, any society that invest adequately in its educational sector, is automatically investing in its future. I agree absolutely with the above, because if you look critically at our country today we are fighting a serious battle with poverty because our governments have fail to adequately address issues bordering on illiteracy among the citizens.
Before you declare a state of emergency on the education sector, build more classes and provide more learning facilities like text books for the teachers and students, stock the libraries with enough up to date books, furniture and cooling systems across the country especially in the rural areas. Address the issue of accommodation for both teaching and non teaching staff you intend to send to work in such schools. Pay them salaries on time. Increase it to a reasonable level. Ensure they get their promotions on time and pay them the arrears that go with it.
Provide the teachers opportunities to develop their teaching skills through scholarships to study at home and abroad where necessary to acquire skills.
Added to the above, governments should design curriculums and insert skills acquisition programmes in Agriculture and other trading activities so that the students can come out from schools with a certain skill which can assist them live a normal life away from poverty at least.
For instance, the Aba Shoe factory which I learnt now export close to a million pair of shoes to some African countries is a typical example here. If other governments can emulate such programmes it will be good for us as a nation.


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