Boko Haram

$7M Bounty,Shekau Replies US Government,”You can only capture me if am an infidel”

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau has reacted to the $7m reward the US Department of State recently announced for anyone with credible information that will lead to his arrest.

According to Media personality Bassim who films reports on Terrorism, Shekau said that the US can’t find him while also noting that he is however not afraid to be found.

Sharing a video of the sect leader shooting sporadically in the air via his handle on micro-blogging site, Twitter, Bassim wrote:

“Shekau with a new dance choreography responds to the US DOJ on the recent bounty of $7m on his head with a 26min video where he speaks of faith and jihad mandated by God. He spoke in Arabic and later hausa.

“He claimed the US can’t find him but he is also not scared for them to find him as long as he is not an “infidel”. He celebrated the bounty by sporadically shooting a few rifles and a machine gun.

As I have said in the past, Shekau has been bored and he is happy with this bounty that is getting him some attention. We might see more frequent Shekau videos from now on.

“Human life has no meaning or value in today’s Nigeria.”

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