A Hero Remembered: Stella Adadevoh

Steve Atogi wrote
Today, 19th August 2017 is a day worth remembering than the London Mayor’s visit trying to steal the show. Of course, Nigerians are very unpatriotic set of people and don’t care about true patriots who sacrificed their lives for the country. Not a single national message from the FG in remembrance of Dr. Stella Adedavoh. She sacrificed her life to save millions from the diplomatic disease “Ebola,” but little is said of her today. This day marks the anniversary of her passing to the afterlife. I remember her heroic gesture, her patriotism, her work ethic, her humanity, her professionalism, her ultimate sacrifice. If I say Rest In Peace, it’s not enough, I’d rather you Return If Possible. You are in the ilk of Dora Akunyili. Your kind are hard to come by. I’d love to see your face with that smile of hope adorn in the Naira Notes we spend instead of the multitude of jingoists there. The enemies of the ordinary Nigerians may be celebrating their messiah today and desecrating this day in their inhumanity and lack of wisdom, but I remember you ma’am. Few others with good heart remember you as well. We won’t mourn no more, we will celebrate your humanity and sacrifice for Nigeria. We will keep you in memory and always tell the younger ones of your heroic deed. May you continue to rest well, but return if possible.

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