A Step From Hades : Araba Tunde Fatade

Someone was asking me why despite the gross incompetence, internalised corruption and impunity recklessly been displayed by the government of Buhari the Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria have largely remained mute…. He wondered what has happened to the once noisy Nigerian Bar Association and other Human Rights “activists”. I looked at him… He is certainly a learner…..

Well, let me just tell you why?? There is nothing like Civil Society Organizations or activists in Nigeria. The last activists died in the name of Gani Fawehinmi. What you presently have in Nigeria as CSOs are simply noise making platforms funded solely by one man…. Most of these CSOs are headquartered in Lagos state and derive massive funding from the very deep wallet of Bola Tinubu. He directs their actions and inactions and for now, he has pressed their mute button!!!

That would however change very soon once Tinubu decides to pick up his gauntlet against Buhari then the CSOs would come alive again with renewed bellicosity!! However, would their voices ever be respected anymore?? Will the NBA ever be able to attain it’s former level of dignity?? Of course their credibility has been deflated as they maintained studied silence during moments of great adversity.

If truly the hottest part of hell is reserved for those who keep quiet in the face of evil, then the place of those monetised CSOs is guaranteed in the hottest part of Hades!!!


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