A visit into the Pre Civil war past by Zainab Abba Haliru

From Zainab Abba Haliru’s wall

“It was on 15th January, 1966 that a group of Igbo, Yoruba and other arny officers leading a mixed infantry of people from different Nigerian ethnic groups, killed Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Akintola and other Northern (Hausa, Fulani and others) and Western (Yoruba) leaders, but no Igbo leaders from the East were killed. Many in the North and West thought this was deliberate, so that the Igbo could take over Government. The coup plotters had planned to execute some Igbo leaders too, such as Major General Aguiyi Ironsi, but the people sent to execute it failed. In fact, General Ironsi, foiled the coup in Lagos, so how could it have been an Igbo coup when the highest Igbo officer in the army stopped it.” Poorlitics, pp 90-91

Her comments
My take: this is really profound. The question is based on the position of the author should the rest of Nigeria not be apologising for the mass killing of Igbo for something they did not do?
I just developed a new found respect for Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim. This will help others rethink their position on the civil war.


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