Adam Memorial Secondary School Araya, Delta State Where students sits on the floor to learn

According to a facebook user named Efemena Edafioka, this is the state of a primary school in Delta state, Nigeria. According to the user,

The said village is Senator James Manager’s maternal home while that of Leo Ogor is nearby. Both of them are Federal Lawmakers. This is what you get when devil’s incarnates are allowed to occupy places of authority & prosperity.

Some of our so called elites went to missionary schools. Many were offered free education in their days. But it is regrettably sad that same beneficiaries of old have consistently & remorselessly failed to reciprocate same kind gesture that prepared and did likewise propelled them to the heights of their greater destinies today.
I hereby use this medium to call on the Presidency to hasten its footsteps and come to the aids of these children. But why do we allow wickedness to reign supreme in our hearts and minds against one another? Why? Why are we this dubious & mischievous as a nation and people? Why?

Time shall tell because posterity will definitely judge everyone of us – this I know. Shame on our elites, politicians, traditional & religious leaders. Shame on you all.

Fellow Nigerians,

If you stumble into anything like this, do not hesitate to take a snapshot of it. The World needs to know how wicked our elites have become even in the face of abundance!

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