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Afolake Esosa Ojumu Oyofo Picks Holes In The Recent Arms Import

Join me on another trouble making picnic

The Nigerian Military just proudly announced and even posted *photos* of the arrival of a huge cache of ammunition on social media by an Olufemi Akinjobi, the Chairman of the Ammunition Reception Committee (don’t ask me, I beg).
He declined to give further information only stating that they were from countries Nigeria has military agreements with.
Note that the spokesperson appears to be a civilian. And the location given is the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja.

Well, since they were indiscreet enough to divulge that much info, I typed in the code on one of the casings (how could I resist) on my browser:
It’s a charge, used by a 1941 infantry gun; an M101 or 2 Howitzer.
These days, they are used for avalanche control in Canada and gun salute ceremonies in Norway! ???

But on a more serious note, our military is supposedly battling Boko Haram and IMN. So why would anybody disclose such detailed information which ought to be classified and poses a direct security threat?
Especially since the ammunition might not really be deployed to war.
Are we truly fighting insurgents or is it all a political ruse?


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