Akpabio is digging his Grave Deeper/Chris

The saying “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” must be way down load in Akpabio’s mind.
Living a very large and highly visible glass house and throwing stones at more than 900 people armed with mechanised catapults loaded with large flaming boulders is madness and a death wish.
We shouldn’t be surprised to see that the two chairmen and other NASS members used proxies that can’t be linked to them for those projects. They didn’t give NDDC any written instructions on payments.
Akpabio is just digging his grave deeper.

No justice will be meted out to NASS. Documents in CAC will show other people’s names for those companies. These guys are smarter than that. The only link between them and the contract owners will be conjectures drawn from bank transfers between the contract owners and them. Even at that it will be lean and convoluted.
Akpabio just goofed.
We all know tracing funds transfers via BVN is convoluted and will be dismissed in court as mere conjectures. For instance Mrs Nwaoboshi and Chief Peter Nwaoboshi are two different people.
We should stop dreaming. The NASS guys are smarter than this. Akpabio is no saint and the NASS will band together to ruin him. You never fight a mob.

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