Alternative use of Abacha loot/Balarabe Garba Yakubu


Government is said to be prepared to commence ‘direct bank transfer of funds to 300,000 families in 11 states across the country’.
The money is the alleged ‘Abacha loot recovered from abroad’.
Instead of ‘transferring five thousand’ to the ‘poor families’ who don’t have bank accounts, why not build standard primary and secondary schools in their communities with good libraries to aid learning? That way, the children will have an excellent opportunity to study and be better citizens in their later years.
Government can also put up primary healthcare centers to educate the villagers on basic hygiene education to prevent diseases that are preventable/curable.
Erect boreholes to ease water problems in the communities. Make fertilizers, pesticides and seeds available and affordable to the communities to facilitate farming activities.
Government should think of a generation (the children aged 0-15yrs or more) like 10-15years ahead. Prepare better for their future to avoid breeding another set of insurgents/killer squads/herdsmen.
Giving them cash to me does not make sense because they will spend the money carelessly and still look up to government for more. Furthermore, by so doing, the government is not going to help the economy in anyway.

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