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An Experience At A Nigerian Police Station/MacAnthony Okeke…Fact Or Fiction?

“I have been at a police station for the past 4 days trying to bail out some people:

I saw misery.

I saw wretched old people sell their properties to meet bail for their kids who didn’t do nothing.

One woman came up with 25k after selling her properties. She was asked to go back and make up the 30k.

Each time we came to give food, we were made to pay 500, 1000 before we were allowed to give the prisoners food. Food???

One woman had the guts to tell us to pay 3k before we are allowed to give the prisoners food. Did I tell you this woman is a pregnant woman?

A suspect who recently had a stomach surgery was shaking vigorously, the police officers said he should die if he pleases.

A man with a high BP was locked up without concern.

A room of 15 by 15 ft was housing 40 to 50 boys with no access to as much as a foam to lay their heads on or water or soap to bathe, no medical attention.

40 people in a room who haven’t had their bath for days…

Another female police officer used the full weight of her body to march on a suspect’s head for daring to tell her she put her clothe in his food. A suspect you already made to eat on the floor.

Every single police man or woman wanted their share… For every breath you take there you pay.

From the top to bottom officer, everyone takes bribe and they don’t even hide it. They don’t call you to a corner, they stretch out their hands and take money openly. The nerve!

Even the excuse for a man who called himself a policeman, after extorting a heavy sum of money from us and we left, still had the devilish impectus to take one of the suspects’ phone to him and asked him to open it so he extort more money from his relatives….

Money from someone you beat up and locked up for days without care or food??? The devil in these people!

Yet, at the top, the smiley rich police guys – the IGP and Co keep telling us you don’t pay for bail and the police is your friend…

That is not even remotely true.

And when we finally brought out the people we went to bail, in their own words, one said to me:

“Mac, even though I spent 4 days in that dungeon, I wasn’t scared for me, I was scared for the boy whose family didn’t even know he was in jail. MacAnthony, e no go ever better for Nigeria…”

The second one said:

“At night, they bring out the people they ‘arrested’, beat and torture them until they agree they were cultists.”

There are no police in Nigeria… Just demons… Inhuman demons…

How do you lock up a person and refuse them to inform their family or lawyer?

You torture them until they agree to what they didn’t do, then you call the parents and tell them their child is a criminal, the tortured child agrees to prevent further torture, the parents weep, the child weeps, then the frustrated parents sell their belongings or take a loan to bail out their child.

These people even take from the poor, the wretched, the helpless, they take from these people who don’t even have to give.

In this age and time, police stations in Nigeria have no CCTV camera, interrogations are held without video or audio coverage, suspects are tortured and slapped into making statements!

A policeman would say “Write wetin I tell you!”.
Scared suspects do as they are told.

Visitors are even asked to keep their phones and gadgets outside. What are the police scared of???

Earlier this year, I was at a police station, the DPO asked his men to lock up a rape suspect. And what was the DPO’s evidence?

He said the girl is crying… “If he didn’t rape her why would she be crying?”… I lost whatever hope I had for this country, if this kind of brain could make the office of DPO.

And what I keep asking myself is this: why haven’t all these foundations, NGOs, human rights activists, etc, why haven’t they said something or done something???

They focus more on something more in the limelight. They set up NGOs that are sponsored by the same politicians who don’t want to upgrade the police.

No matter who you are, if you like be the IG of Police, if you stand before me and tell me Nigeria has a police, I will tell you it’s a blatant lie.

As for this country, if it gets better, it does, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.
I am not sparing any more faith or hope on it.

Written by MacAnthony Okeke

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