APC convention fight…Democracy in the hands of Violent men/Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson

APC CONVENTION: I shall continue to condemn what happened yesterday at Eagles Sqaure. I shall not chose the cheap route of “we and them”.

The whole episode is a pointer to how our democracy is in the hands of violent citizens. If you understand the future we are walking into and hope the system would correct itself , you may need to think again. It would never but get worst by the day. It also means intellectually capable citizens who are not capable of violence may never find a place in our political leadership.
However it is a major pointer to the weak democratic foundation we built. For behind the convention, we will both agree here that the witnessed violence was never driven by the quest to serve Nigerians but to plunder us all and never account for any. We can’t continue this way. The antidote is simply. Entrench transparency and two party system.
We as Nigerians must take responsibility for this violence. The great danger ahead could consume the entire system. Urgent solution and remedy is needed before we occupy executive room at the intensive care unit. I am simply afraid.-Godwin Godwin NdidiAmaka Robinson GNR


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