APC Crisis: The Character Of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole And The Premonition Of Comrade Godwin Erhahon

By Felix Osemwengie Isere

Today APC as a party is in a cataclysmic state. One would have attributed this to the punishment from God for the countless evil of the party against the Nigeria people but on the other it is self inflicted through the instrumentality of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole who is regarded as ‘Oshioquake’ . His bootlockers who call him Oshioquake fail to understand nothing associated with ‘quake’ is ever good but rather it is always destruction, disaster and confusion and that is exactly what Oshiomhole is doing to the party today.

The incontrollable harmatia of pride, arrogance, garrulousness, I know it all, vindicativeness, megalonania and greed of Oshiomhole and his sheer machiavellian strategies is what has brought this misfortune upon him because he thought National chairmanship of the ruling party is the same like Edo State Governor where he insulted, humiliated, oppressed, relegated and victimised everybody even those who brought him to power and went away with it.

Before his emergence, alot of persons had their bad reservations about what the Oshiomhole APC National Chairmanship would be but there was only one man who did not only saw or predicted today from yesterday but had the uncommon candour to warn President Mohammadu Buhari and APC leadership through his interview on Tell Magazine dated February 13th, 2017(Page 52) not ever make the mistake of replacing Oyegun with Oshiomhole , a mistake he suggest will consume Buhari and APC, but they never listened to him.

Erhahon was harassed, vilified and humiliated for daring to speak against the god of Edo State. Furthmore, Oshiomhole mobilised members of the State Executive committee to suspend him as the State Publicity secretary of the party and later total removal.

The seasoned journalist, labour activist cum politician who is known as a man of truth, integrity and uncommon honesty will be sitting down in his office reading all that is happening, sipping his chilled drink and be smiling knowing very well he warned them.

APC would have not been in the mess they have found themselves today if they had listened to him,he was the voice crying in the wilderness indeed but they threw caution on the wind because he that the gods wants to destroy, he will not only make him mad first but also deaf. Buhari and APC supporting Oshiomhole to become National Chairman is a case of buying a pig in a poke and such they are regretting it now.

In the said interview , Erhahon advised Buhari thus “… If president Mohammadu Buhari a leader that I sincerely believe in . That I have been with since the very beginning of his presidential campaign chooses to toe that line of replacing Oyegun with Oshiomhole. I can bet the president that he would be the first casualty at the end. If he mistaken rides on a dog the way he rode on a horse, he would regret it. I am not against given Oshiomhole any national appointment.

I believe that power belongs to God but to use him to replace would destroy APC…one that is done they(the plotters) will be shocked at what will happen”. Is this already happening today? A question I will leave for you to answer.

Oshiomhole maybe intelligent and competent but he lacks character. Intelligence and competence may take you to the top but you need character to remain there, that is what Oshiomhole totally lack and it was one of the reasons why Erhahon warned Buhari and APC not to make him the National chairman. In the said interview, Erhahon xrayed the character of Oshiomhole thus _”… If you are to rate Oshiomhole by his character, his level of hypocrisy is so surprising beyond limitations. He enjoys pulling down people whom he sees as a threat and might be rated higher than him.

He likes to criticise others, likes to run down people , but when you give him advice , he does not want to take. He believes he knows it all”. Is this also manifesting now? I also leave you to answer the question.

Comrade Godwin Erhahon warned them because Oshiomhole is not a food party man. He succinctly put as follows ” _” If you call him(Oshiomhole) a dictator, it will be upgrading him. He has never has regard for the party any time; that is why he enjoyed working with stooges , people who would not have the courage to tell him the truth.

He believed that whatever needs to be done by the party must dictated by him… That character rendered the party structure useless and totally irrelevant “. Flowing from what is happening today, was Erhahon correct? Infact, members of APC themselves will give a better answer to this.

If you are following the current developments In APC, you will realised the problem APC is having is not unconnected with the above character deficiencies of Oshiomhole as highlighted above by Erhahon. It worked for him in Edo , and he wanted to also adopt it as the APC National but it has boomeranged. Right from the first day he was elected he started manifesting these pungent character traits.

History will forever be kind to Erhahon because he was the only man who saw the future for APC and sacrificed his office in a attempt to warn them but they were deaf to his cry. If they had listened to him, maybe APC would have not find itself in this disastrous state.

To me, this is the hand work of God to punish APC for the way they have treated Nigerians , it is simply poetic justice and the Oshiomhole’ s character is the manifestation of two of the four things the Bible in the book of Proverb 30 verses 21 to 23 talked about which says there are four things the earth cannot bear, a slave who becomes king, a house girl who takes over the mistress husband, a fool who is overfed , and a rebel who prosper.

One of the most interesting thing about this warnings of Erhahon and his victimization for it is that , majority of APC leaders and members Oshiomhole used to perpetuate this evil against Erhahon are the greatest victim of Oshiomhole’s impunity and intolerable character which has almost destroyed the party and Comrade Godwin Erhahon is now one of the persons settling their fight.

I keep telling members of the Edo APC that, he that support and defend evil and injustice today , may one day be a victim of it. Erhahon will have peace of mind now, while they have become restless. Karma is a bitch! I will address this last point in my next article titled ‘ Edo State APC And The Glaring Realities of Karma’ but for now let me continue to watch the interesting drama that will totally consume APC as a party in 2019. May the days of comrade Godwin Erhahon and all those true comrades who stand for truth ,justice and fairness be long. Amen
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