Archives 2014 : I will no longer tolerate those insulting Jonathan : Doyin Okupe

For long i have suspected that the president will tamper with his media team…now am convinced that the entire team will leave…. this man does not realize that the freedom of speech under Jonathan has given him political support…and in fact its even a major electoral advantage as it portrays him as a democrat. It would have been more helpful if he had started by cautioning people like Asari in the beginning before making a national attack…any way my experience with the president is that is issue is GOING straight under the carpet..no stopping. The approach of the media teams (president and governors) in this country has always been the same…employ youths ..buy them laptops and ask them to abuse people who speak against their leaders.It has a limit..it works both ways…they also release sensitive information information words…so even the mild threats of blackmail..arrests… law suits will NOT work.you tamper with freedom of expression in this country…you bring the house down.Period.I thought the media function in this country will have been hiding its head in shame starting from the presidential team….we live in a situation where we depend on facts from foreign media….100%….President Jonathan…please send this man to some of the local institutions …perhaps he can inch up performance


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