Archives 2015 : Araba Fatade Bamidele wrote on the nation’s structural inadequacies

Fatade Bamidele wrote


Just yesterday, I wrote an article titled “THE BIAFRAN STORY; A WARNING” in which I warned of the risks inherent in the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu who is the brain behind RADIO BIAFRA by the Buhari led government rather than moving swiftly to address the thorny issue of Nigeria’s defective structure. An overview of the comments made by many of Buhari’s online supporters obviously gave them away as people with little HINDSIGHT, FORESIGHT and a poor sense of history. I was vehemently criticized and called names such as “A DIVISIVE ELEMENT”….

Its evident that many of the commentators are not even aware that the Radio Biafra has been in operation for over FOUR years!! Goodluck Jonathan the man many choose to call “CLUELESS” was smart enough to ignore the movement as a smarter alternative than taking them on. I warned earlier that going after Radio Biafra would simply popularize their activities and give the agenda more bite.

Today, I heard protests erupted in Port Harcourt over Kanu’s arrest while world media attention seem to be getting interested in it. Thankfully, the DSS quickly realized its mistake by promptly releasing him on bail (imagine releasing on bail a man that APC hangers said should be standing for treason!!)

The aforementioned simply confirms that many of us simply under-estimate the scope of these issues and simply speak either out of BLIND LOYALTY OR CRASS IGNORANCE of the subject matter. As a person, this kind of action scares me about the prospect of Nigeria as a single entity under the Present Buhari administration.

For the avoidance of doubt, President Buhari would do better to stop playing the Ostrich and rather sit down to address the structural inadequacies of Nigeria to bring about quality development and reduce ethnic tension. A stitch in time saves nine.





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