Archives 2015 : Early warning by Zainab Abba Haliru

While I believe that Nnamdi Kanu carried his Biafra
campaign to an unpalatable height, I still cannot believe that Buhari who sort of supported Boko Haram at the beginning of their murderous escapades, would allow a charlatan whose activities only provides comic relief to be Incarcerated. Am I missing something? Is this not the same man who insisted that it was wrong to arrest Boko Haram members in spite of the fact that they were killing and
maiming Nigerians. That same man is arresting somebody for running his mouth off… I really tire for this country o.
By Zainab Abba Haliru
Biafra movement is more than Kanu or his radio… We have been living with this problem and making steady progress… Some balance has been achieved.. There is no point making Kanu a hero

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