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In July 2015…Frank But  Fair Adebayo wrote


Frank But-fair Adebayo

Some charlatans either out of mischief, plain ignorance and

political immaturity want the APC SW to pull out of the APC.

What a suicidal mission:


1. The SW APC will be split into two, with Asiwaju Bola

Tinubu leading one faction & Olusegun Obasanjo in the

background leading the other. The latter group will work

with the national party for reasons I will espouse later

2. States currently in the hands of APC SW will become a

theatre of war and Osun state which will have her

governorship election first will witness most of the

turbulence..and the signs are frightening to say the least.

Throw the fact that the governor is on his last term, the

salary quagmire, dwindling revenue & the emergence of the

Deputy Speaker who hails from Osun into the mix then you

get a picture of what will play out.

3. There will be divided loyalty within the camp of Asiwaju.

Those who will be giving federal appointments will have

their loyalty tested to the limit and only a few will stand the

test of political patronage. The VP will eventually have to go

and waiting in the wings will be an Obasanjo nominee.

4. Those who live in breakable glass houses don’t throw

stones. The president commands a lot of coercive power

and he will use it……make no mistake about it.

5. The APC SW has no leverage nor ally to form any political

alliances with. The SE and the SS are no go areas and those

who naively think the Lawan group might team up with

them either do not have a clue or a sense of history. In any

case Lawan who could not even win a caucus vote is no

match for the Buhari cult figure pervading in the North.

Owe : A fijo gba Awa; a fija gba Awa; bi a ba jo, bi a ba ja, bi

a ba ti gba Awa, ko wa tan bi?

Tanslation : By dancing we take possession of Awa; through

fighting we take possession of Awa; if we neither dance nor

fight, but take

possession of Awa anyway, is the result not the same

Two political titans were locked in a political battle for the

soul of Ijeshaland….with the Leader away in Abuja serving

under the Obasanjo regime and with an opposition waiting in

the wings to capitalise on events, the Leader promptly

summoned a meeting with the political gladiators and their

supporters in his expansive country home in Osun.

Tempers were frayed and the atmosphere was charged,

Khadija was the first to speak, a no nonsense young lady in

her mid 20’s…….she lambasted the leader and told her in

clear terms that he had failed as a leader……The leader, a

political disciple of Hezekiah Awolowo kept moot, after all

abuse and ridicule by core supporters came with the


To cut the story short, the leader ruled in favour of one of

the titans, the decision on the face of it was unjust, khadija

was ready to launch into a tirade but the ‘losing’ political

titan stopped her in her track…..he knew the leader to be

just and fair, moreover he was a lawyers lawyer and could

see the force of their argument, “the leader must have his

reasons, a valid one”…..Khadija sheathed her sharp mouth.

…….” I was unjust when I ruled against you, but I had to do

that because MA would never forgive me if I ruled against

him, but I know you will”……he went on ..”sometimes in life

when you get to a point where the battle is fierce and the

outcome uncertain , you make a tactical retreat, take stock,

restrategise and make your move, that’s my advice to you

and your group”……

Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu: My advice sir is similar to

what Ajibola told his disciple:

1. Beat a tactical retreat, to push foward will spell doom.

You can’t take them on, at least not for now.

2. Beware of those edging you on for a fight, they are rabble

rousers and showmen……when the heat is on they will run.

They led Abiola to Epetedo and……well you know the story.

3. Draw Fasola and co back into your kitchen cabinet, they

might not be brash but they are strategic thinkers, devoid of

the brawns that now sorround you.This is not the time for

bolekaja politics, the numbers just don’t add up and the

leverage is not there; at least for now.

4.Listen and act on the Lagos Oba’s advice. He is as

shrewed as Obasanjo and understands people well.

5. Keep your enemies close…. July 2015



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