Archives 2016…Hit the ground running

1.I told you to hit the ground running…. There are many ways to sustain the economy….. You hit the ground and started walking backwards to pick a fight with Jona and co…. Face governance.. Leave probe to institutions….. How much have you recovered now?…. How many people are in jail?… Corruption is a big boy.. You fight it systematically not by chanting incantations…
2.I told you to leave saraki alone…. That man go put you for wahala…… Was I wrong?
3.i told you to chase Kanu away.. You want to show his followers how strong you are…. Let’s see how this will end
4.i told you to set up a novel office trying to repair the bonds that the 2011 elections broke.. You replied with 5% analysis… Has this country been ever more divided than now?
5.Dismantle Nnpc…. Encourage modular refineries.. Every thing back to zero because instead of correcting issues your people were running after Diezzani
6.ask governors to hold lga election..mba
The list is endless

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