Boko Haram

Archives 2017: Pending questions on Chibok Kidnapping

Now that the chibok girl issue is coming up again
Unanswered questions remain
1.How many hours did the entire operations last?
2.How many batches were involved?
3.Who gathered the girls together?
4.Who posted soldiers away from the vicinity shortly before the kidnap.?
5.Where were the girls in the first 72 hours after kidnap?
6.Were the parents at one point or the other in communication with the kidnappers.?
7.The girls who strolled home… Were they released or simply escaped.?
8.Why was it that the children of the staff were unaffected.?
9.At what point did Shekau know that girls have been kidnapped in his name?
APC handle you house with care/BA


Now that the chibok girl issue is coming up againUnanswered questions remain1.How many hours did the entire operations…

Posted by Benjamin Amaechi on Monday, September 10, 2018

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