As citizens and denizens of Kaduna State, therefore, we have a divine obligation to ensure that El-Rufa’i is never returned as governor or else we should be prepared for the body counts./Steven Kefason


Since the Governor Nasiru El-Rufai led state government came on board in Kaduna state, the Kaduna state civil service has witnessed unprecedented destruction beyond repairs. Workers no longer enjoy the service anymore and many were forced to retire earlier than their due dates while others remained only for want of alternative amidst the most devastating economic hardship in the country. Since the year 2015 when El-rufai was sworn into office, promotion exercises which hitherto had been conducted annually were suspended. The lucky few who got promoted and whose verification order(VO) has been done (WHAT DOES IT MEAN THAT VERIFICATION ORDER HAS BEEN DONE?????) still have not been paid the benefits that accompany the promotions to their new positions.
Many civil servants who have been promoted within the period under review are victims of this, including some close associates of mine. This information can be verified.

Kaduna state civil servants had never before the coming of this anti-people government experienced this quantum of neglect under any government and are very unlike to ever experience such mal- and mistreatment again under any other government.

In most cases their leave grants, popularly called LG for 2016, 2017 and 2018 years have not been paid. To be exact, a few were paid for two years while that of 2018 is still pending for all. The most disturbing part of this agony is that the civil servants cannot even voice out their discontent as they are afraid to talk about the destruction going on in the civil service for fear of the inevitable persecution for which the government has become notorious. Consequently, they have resolved to express their grievances, disgust, displeasure and dissatisfaction at the polls on election day. I am certain that when this inhuman government of Elrufai is replaced come May 2019, the masses will be shocked at the revelation of gross illegalities that took place in the four years of the El-Rufa’i government, especially in the civil service.

It may also interest you to know that after sacking over 22,000 teachers, over 10,000 local government staff and other employees, governor El-Rufa’i has employed only slightly above 11,000 teachers to replace the huge number sacked in what he called the first batch of recruitment. The so-called second phase of the recruitment said to involve about 13,000 teachers is a fraud as the teachers have neither been assigned job locations nor paid a dime 5 months after the sham employment. This has greatly affected the quality of primary education (the most basic foundation of education) in the state negatively as the few available teachers are now over-stretched. Little wonder the Malian Tyrant, to borrow from Dr Mazi Amadi, has failed to send his kids to public schools as he boasted during his campaigns in 2015.

As I have said earlier, these information are verifiable.

From the above and the so many anti-people policies of the El-Rufa’i governemnt, it goes without saying that the Governor is not only a plague but a petty corrupt governor who has turned our commonwealth into his personal inheritance which he now sells at will to his friends, family and cronies.

Again it may interest you to know that Zaria Motel, the state government lodge sitauated in Zaria very close to the College of Aviation Technology, and some other state government-owned properties have been auctioned to his allies in violation of the public procurement laws which he is familiar with.

As citizens and denizens of Kaduna State, therefore, we have a divine obligation to ensure that El-Rufa’i is never returned as governor or else we should be prepared for the body counts.

May God deliver us from this plague called Elrufai come May 29th 2019 but first March 2nd 2019 when the Gubernatorial election is scheduled to hold. Amen.

Let the Heavens bear me witness, let the social media witness to it and let it be on record that the generations to come for which we fight today may read it, that when it mattered, I spoke up EVEN AT GREAT PERSONAL COST.

Steven Kefason writes from Kenyi village in Kagarko LGA of Kaduna State.


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