Yesterday,24th November,2017, like a bomb, what had been in the realm of speculation just exploded, first on the social media and later to the mainstream media. As usual, when it started on the social media, it was dismissed with a wave of the hand. No, it can’t happen, was the reaction of many people. But before this story, a certain Mariam Sanda stabbed her husband to death over a text message from an alleged lover. She has a child for that husband, Biliamiyu.
A woman locked her maid up for two weeks and travelled abroad for two weeks. How did we become a race of wicked people so much so that when the other story of another woman who celebrated her maid’s birthday was put up, we dismissed it as an impossibility. Nobody can celebrate an ordinary maid like that. It is just a stunt. That was what a lot of people concluded.
We all know this story so I will spare you the details. What is to be taken away from all these is that there is a growing state of wickedness and paranoia going on in Nigeria. It is scary. People are hungry, angry and dangerous. The ones that are not hungry are simply not happy, the military are back to the streets in full force. Recently someone was shot in Kwara Sate. As I type this there are still scares arising from the military high handedness in the East and recently Kwara. This is while the lawless band of Fulani herdsmen maraud people across the country unhindered.
We are not talking of the prices of food stuff which have risen astronomically and have stuck there. Inflation has hit the roof. Life in Nigeria seems to be a confusion. The examples cited above are just specimen wahala out of the many acts of violence that go unreported daily. In Kogi State, a whole five local government was locked down for the purpose of apprehending kidnappers. Travelling from Edo to Kogi State is like going the narrow way. Anything can just happen to you, from being shot by armed robbers to being kidnapped into one of the trackless bushes lining that road. Nigeria is becoming one huge jungle. Last week news broke out that 26 girls were on their way to Italy to ‘hustle’. They drowned in the Mediterranean. As we speak there is a huge slave market going on in Libya with Nigerians making a huge percentage of the commodities. I could go on and on to list the many woes that have befallen this country under the watch of APC. Yet the government is concerned with two major things viz blame game and 2019.
Then one event rattled the whole applecart. The former vice president, a man known for being largely responsible for the mobilization of people to support APC in 2015 just left the party and moved with his large team into the opposition PDP. The rattling can be discerned in the panic statements of the Kaduna State governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai who has taken to throwing tantrums at the defecting Atiku since the news broke out. It is one cheering news to Nigerians as opinion poll since yesterday revealed that Atiku is now accentuated by the failure of the present Muhamadu Buhari led government. Job seekers are confident that Alhaji Atiku would, being an astute businessman who has proven himself overtime in mass employment, he would bring his business experience to bare on the National Employment Policy. He is also said among many pundits that he is less likely to be an ethnocentric leader. Being at the forefront of the restructuring campaign, southerners are likely to welcome him ahead of Buhari in 2019.
In all honesty Atiku’s defection is a plus to the strength of the PDP. Like him or not, he has a political weight that cannot be wished away. If PDP is willing and serious about emancipating this country nd putting the smile on the faces of Nigerians again, then it can latch unto this to pull attraction into the party. It can also do this by electing sound national officers who would get to the grassroots and redeem the battered image of the party.
All said and done, I wish us well in the coming days.

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