Atikus US Visit :THE BAR IS ON THE FLOOR/Imo Ukachukwu

Chai! Even PDP caught the bug. The standards has been lowered so much so that we celebrate when our leaders leave Nigeria to go and shake hands with some oyibos in their country.
Please Atiku, we want to start the discussion on how to strengthen the pension reform and insulate it from government corruption. We need to open discussions on how to complete the privatization process in the power sector and attract the right investments that can help revolutionize that sector. We need to restrengthened our banking sector, to begin to support our economic growth and attract the right foreign investments. We also need our banks to be taken seriously in the international market once again. Instead of intimidating our judiciary, we need to find ways to deploy the right technology that would support their activities in such a way that cases are dispensed with in an expedient manner and reduce the time for securing justice. We need to initiate the kind of reform that would ensure our police measure up to the international standard for policing.
These and the likes used to be the kind of challenge that PDP as a party used to leave us with. Not that the President shook hands with The POTUS, the President is respected in the international community, the president stood near Angela Markel blah blah blah.
Please know it that Nigeria with the population of close to 200m is very important to every industrial economy and by extension, whosoever is the President of Nigeria is very important to these same countries, because we are their customer. It has nothing to do with President’s integrity. After all America are friends with countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt etc and their leaders also rapport well with the POTUS.
Now that Atiku has shown up in the block can we raise the bar altogether? By Imo Ukachukwu


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