Bad Planning,poor airport facilities leave athletes stranded at airport

So Delta State is billed to host the African athletic championship commencing tomorrow but that is not the gist.

The gist is that athletics arrived today from participating African countries but can’t fly to Asaba this night.

Reason is that Asaba airport closes by 5 and does not have a traffic lightening for night flight.

As I type this, many African athletics are stranded at the International airport at Ikeja and clueless on where to go this night.

The whole airport is a mess and not where you would like to be this night.

I was also told that because of few flights that fly to Asaba because of the parlous state of the airport, Athletics that arrived early on Sunday have been stranded in Lagos since Sunday because the connecting flights to Asaba are not enough and limited.

Ironically, the money former governor of Delta state Uduagan spent on that Asaba airport is enough to deliver another world class airport in the range of Dubai airport but this is Nigeria, a country of anyhowness.

Nigeria is the butt of joke on Twitter as nationals of other African countries are making mockery of us on that platform.

When I write that other smaller Africa countries like Rwanda and Kenya have left us behind, this drama playing out at Ikeja airport validates that assertion.

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