Balance of Terror emerging : Arrest Jerry Gana for incitement/Aminu AK Waziri

1. Jerry Gana should be arrested. At the burial ceremony for those killed in Benue, he was there again. This time, at the podium, he charged the crowd and said if they were ready for a fight against the perceived herdsmen, he was ready to be their commander. He is not from Benue but from Niger. There had been several killings in Niger he never called people to take up arms. But he knew those Tivs were gullible.
The same Gana was involved in Boko haram saga, alleged to have bailed Yusuf, the originator of B/H. The Govt kept quiet over it because it was an opportunity for people to make money.
In Taraba, Jerry Gana was there. When the world knew and saw Suntai as a corpse, Jerry Gana claimed Suntai was hale and healthy to continue governance while Taraba was being milked.
The Government is wasting resources fighting recruits but no attempt is made to fight the commanders.
It is well known that people who had battered and looted this country but now punctuated are busy creating one crisis or d other. They are preparing for 2019 using ethnic and religious power to create instability. They are busy killing their brothers and sisters just to create a bad name for Buhari. Their main obstacle to return to d looting era is Buhari. They will stop at nothing to acheive it. They will arrange another crisis while d FGN will be busy appealing

Aminu AK Waziri

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