Balarabe Garba Yakubu On Governor Tambuwal’s Presidential Ambition


Tambuwal ruined himself politically the very day he defected from PDP to APC so that he can become governor of Sokoto state. The dude had no plan on ground to change anything.
After wasting three years as governor of sokoto state with absolutely nothing tangible to show, he again gave reasons why the APC he praised so much as speaker house of reps is suddenly a bitter pill to swallow. Just as he did back in 2015, when he made public comments to tarnish the image of the party that brought to political fame, he few weeks ago uttered same tarnishing comments against the now ruling party. Clearly Tambuwal is not a politician that should be trusted. He lacks integrity.
Now back in the PDP, he is talking of being ‘under pressure’ to contest for the presidency in 2019. I don’t even who will put such a man under any pressure to be president of Nigeria?
As governor of Sokoto state:-
Tambuwal could not see the huge potentials in his state to tap from and create wealth for the people of the state, I wonder if at all he could see what the whole country has in terms of potentials? I doubt.
The wind of change blew and he found himself in an unfamiliar territory. The government house of sokoto state.
Tambuwal as governor failed to show why he desperately wanted to be governor. I am not surprised he is a complete failure.
Any governor in Nigeria, who could not create windows of opportunities for youths and jobless people in his state should not consider himself capable of running for another office again in the country. Tambuwal and co fall into this category.
Any governor who could not harness potentials in his state, instead choose going to Abuja monthly for Federal allocation is a complete disaster and disgrace to the state. Such governors should be ashamed of themselves. Sadly Tambuwal and co again makes the list.
Any governor, who prior to becoming the governor does not know the percentage of unemployed youths running the streets of his state, is already worst than the jobless guys running around. He himself is a security threat to that state. What Ganduje is doing in Kano with jobless youths is a typical example here. The day he leaves office, those youths will form the nucleus of a fresh security threat to Kano and the country at large.
I can’t say whether states like Kogi, Niger, Zamfara, Nassarawa, Benue etc really have sitting Governors.

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