Behave Yourselves We Are On Camera….Buhari To NASS Members

Behave yourself we are on camera..Buhari to nass members
This innocent looking statement is quite revealing.In 1984 when Buhari planned and successfully executed a coup..the very first thing he did was to send letters to the world powers explaining his action.
when he was sworn in 2015, he immediately took some governors to see Obama.He been seen taking a hard Islamic stand though his association with some countries. He even joined in voting against Israel. This is one Buhari. the other Buhari dresses up the kids ..gives them cakes and watch them say goodbye to the guests at the gate.Once the gates are shut and the guests have gone out of sight,he unleashes terror on the children.
where was the concern for global view when he slaughtered IPOB youths…Shiites.?
The negative cabal is in suicide mode and cares little about what the world thinks. They control more than 60% of this administration. They represent the other Buhari.
Well ,one Buhari has to bow…the negative cabal has to go on recess or arrest all the law makers who booed Buhari yesterday


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