Being a Nigerian at times is a huge burden – Araba Fatade Bamidele


South Africa has the highest global burden of HIV followed by Nigeria. That certainly is not the news. South Africa meets 85% of the financial obligations necessary in funding the HIV care programme for her citizens leaving the rest 15% for donor agencies chiefly Global Fund. That certainly won’t be our headache.


Now, Nigeria which has the second highest global HIV burden only meets less than 6% (SIX PERCENT) of the cost of the care programme leaving the rest 94% cost to the donor agencies!! This is replicated in the tuberculosis, Leprosy programmes and other interventionist programmes!! So what happens if the donor agencies refuse to fund such care programmes?? That certainly isn’t the greatest shock….. The greatest shock is that Nigeria has consistently refused to meet it’s requisite funding quota to the Global Fund, yet the little money sent to Nigeria gets embezzled and mismanaged by government officials!!!


The Global Fund and other donor agencies ┬átherefore put in place very stringent accounting procedures to checkmate mismanagement with many of the procedures appearing so embarrassing to implementors…. It’s like you are being pursued as a common thief!!!


You can now begin to imagine how shameful one would be each time you attend meetings with such implementing partners….. Being a Nigerian is a huge burden at such times….. Nay, all times!!





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