A few friends are trying to get account details of an NGO they can trust and link to Orngu Anngu who is at the IDP camp site Now. He will be required to send pictures and details of the use of the money …by the matter how small the amount is. I can understand how the young man will feel,,,but there is no other way.This small group of friends want contribute as little as N500/person or more …at least their breakfast or part of It for their fellow Nigerians.
Other NGOS exist..but the story of diversion of funds is too risky for any one to get involved in…Supposing the front person is straight and the people under move with the funds…one begins to look like a party to a scam.
Even the Red Cross has clearly stated that people are using its emblem and resources to swindle people.I wanted to publish the advertised zenith bank account until i was told the scam can even cross that barrier.
As soon as the Account details are ready i will share
May God Help us
Post Script
Account name: Voice for the Girl Child Foundation
Account number: 0048380448
Bank: Diamond

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