BGY to Atiku..we dont want tears..we want improvements in the lives of the people within 90days

Balarabe wrote
I learnt Atiku also shaded ‘tears’ to show his ‘concern’ for the situation of the masses in Nigeria.
My take.
Anybody that fall into the trap of their ‘tears’ will pay heavily. We dont need anybody to deceive the electorates with fake tears. Just present your manifesto or ideology on how to improve the economy.
Employment for the youths who form more than 85% of the current population of the country.
How you will improve IGR generally all over the country.
How you will sincerely improve power generation and distribution across the whole country.
How you will improve food productivity across the country.
How you will improve education, healthcare, clean drinking water availability and shelter across the country.
How you will improve the atmosphere for doing business across the country for SMEs to thrive at least for the first 90 days after you take over office of the president to give some sense of hope and better days ahead.
Hold your tears back please. We dont need them right now. Talk sense to us and present us with something we can reason on. Period.


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