BH Retakes Dikwa

There is heavy panic in the humanitarian sector in Borno state as insurgent, Boko Haram, have reportedly taken over the United Nations hub in the rice cultivating town of Dikwa with no word from the humanitarian workers as at this morning.

METROWATCH learnt that their real aim of sacking Dikwa town was to capture the humanitarian workers alive and use them as bate for ransome since they are believed to be high reference values in dollars.

Sources in the UN quarters who spoke to the METROWATCH said that they are not sure of the number of workers either trapped in the building or have excaped but they have remained incommunicado for now, if they are alive.

The Boko Haram insurgents are also said to have taken over the control of the entire Dikwa town which is about seventy five kilometres away from Maiduguri the Borno state capital.

“The insurgents were said to have taken over the control of the town at about 6:30pm on Monday and broke into the UN Humanitarian hub which supplies vital services to the internally displaced people within.

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“They are currently patrolling the town with one gun truck and three motorcycles telling people not to fear or run away, they were in Dikwa not to kill the civilian populations”, said another humanitarian worker.

The military allegedly took a tactical withdrawal from the rice town since yesterday when the insurgents arrived in their numbers preparing for a possible offensive to reclaim control of the town which has already been concluded with the burning down of the secretariat and the General Hospital.

“Boko Haram is in full control of Dikwa. They broke into the Hub last night, and they may have planted IEDs around. Just that an INGO compound is being attacked now and IOM premises on fire,” said our UN source.

The Army is said to be responding to the assault.

Boko Haram last year plundered Zabamari town and slaughtered several farmers who were in the process of harvesting Zabamari rice another popular rice in Borno state.

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