Boko Haram

BH retakes town in Borno

From the Samaritan
Nigeria, Borno State, Guzamala LGA, Gudumbali

As of 8 September 2018, 20:10; Subsequent reporting indicates that the AOG operatives overran the SF base and killed an unspecified number of SF personnel and injured others. The operatives also seized at least four SF vehicles mounted with guns, and destroyed other weaponry including two armored tanks.
Furthermore, unconfirmed information from local sources indicate that the attack resulted in the killing of at least 40 SF personnel. In addition, 30 civilians were reportedly killed as a result of exchange of SAF between SF and AOGs. Additional unverified information suggests that the operatives also hoisted flags in the town and prevented civilians from leaving the town till 0500hrs of 8 September 2018.
AOG – Armed Opposition Group ( BH)
SF – Security Force ( Nigerian Army)
SAF – Small Arm Fire


Fighting still going on in Gudumbali and Guzamala ,Borno

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