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BH : The whole thing is ALL ABOUT POLITICS, POWER AND MONEY/Adedamola Adetayo

I strongly advise the President to suspend, bring to custody and summarily Court Martial the following officers:

1. Chief of Defence Staff ( CDS
2. Chief of the Army Staff ( COAS)
3. Director of Military Intelligence ( DMI )
4. DG DSS.
5. Theater Commander in Maiduguri.

Dying in battle is one thing, suicide is another.

There is absolutely no sense in setting up men and officers of the Nigerian Army on needless and avoidable DEATH MISSIONS simply because they voluntarily chose or sign to lay down their lives defending the country!

If you dont have the right weapons, intelligence and morale to fight your enemies, it is more sensible to either run away from or surrender to them..That gives you clear and understandble opportunity to fight on another day!

It is quite obvious to me that some satanic minds in our security infrastructure are playing Yo-yo with the lives of the common men inside our own Army and the so-called “Boko Haram” Army!!!

To all reasonable balance of probability, judging from the patterns of these madness over the years, there is a single commanding Mafia structure directing the attacks and defence ON BOTH SIDES.

By December of this year and the days leading to the February 2019 Elections i can vividly imagine MORE REGULAR “Boko Haram strikes” and “Nigeria Army Counter strikes”. The first strike will massacre our Soldiers and the counter strike will wipe out the members of the first strike team to seal up the secrets of the operations. In between these strikes Billions of Naira will be moving about in Arms procurements and the Politicians will have enough materials to campaign for and against themselves.


How cruel and EVIL!!!!



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