Boko Haram: 16 reportedly slaughtered in Kuda, Kaliyari villages in Borno

At least 16 people were reported to have been slaughtered by the dreaded islamic sect, Boko Haram in Nganzai local government area of Borno state, northeast, Nigeria.

A village head of one of the villages, Alhaji Mohammed Shettima told DAILY POST on Saturday, in Maiduguri that, Kuda and Kaliyari were the villages attacked by Boko Haram insurgents.

According to him, “The attack was on Thursday. We lost everything, cattle, sheep, donkeys and foodstuffs. They burnt down the whole villages and slaughtered our people like rams. We narrowly escaped.

” I was about performing my prayers in the evening when I started hearing gunshots. Suddenly, one of my children came running with words that, the Boko Haram are on their way coming with motorcycles. There was no time to carry anything as we took to our heels through the forest.

” On our way, we so the soldiers also moving towards our village. They stopped us and asked, and we told them everything. They did not waste time as they moved in. We also continued to our local government headquarters where we found refuge and waited until yesterday that some of our people who were saved by the military came to meet us at Nganzai. They told us the whole village was set ablaze and 16 people slaughtered. But the Boko Haram ran away after exchanging fire with the soldiers.

“Yesterday, we moved to Maiduguri to stay with relation until we are able to return home when the situation returns to normal. Most of us, our fear is that, they may return.” Mohammed said.

Asked why he thinks made the insurgents to attack his village, he said, the Boko Haram have been coming around the village most often to collect revenue from the people.

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