Borno model of democracy..one person wins another is declared winner

Why Borno State Govt And APC Stakeholders in Borno planned To Manipulate The Winner Of The House Of Representatives Primaries, Hon. Dir. Zainab Gimba To Favour Sheriff’s Family.

Despite a heavy rejection from the generality of the people of Bama , Ngala , Kala Balge Federal constituency, gives massive votes to the aspirant Dr. Gimba at the primaries against her opponent in Borno.

As a woman aspirant to via for such position in the history of Borno central, full knowledge and vast administrative experience and skills to salvage her great people from yesteryears bondage.

Looking her position as a woman with all the support from masses and show of love at the primaries Borno Government sent police from Government to hijack her announcement as the sole the winner of the primaries against opponents and that was a planned game by Borno Govt and APC stakeholders stop the first time woman from getting to that seat come 2019 in exchange to the rejected candidate simply because they won’t women to occupy such offices.

Many of her loyalist, delegates and supporters were injured and beating by police because they claimed to defend their right at the poplin unit under the directives of Borno State Government, from the government house.

All this happenings is because she is a woman out of the 3 of them contested she’s only one that click the button but hijacked without considering gender equality by the state government who wants to favor the man that fails the primaries.

This is a sign of injustice, gross misconduct and violation of human rights especially of a women by the government of the day.

I’m appealing to the leadership of the party A P C and President Muhammadu Buhari to come to our aid so that justice would prevail to all a sundry.

Dr. Zainab Gimba wins with 76 votes while her opponent got 50 votes but declared inconclusive by the directives of the state government and APC stakeholders in Borno.


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