Buhari is fighting ideas with bullets in SE…While NE is almost declaring an islamic republic

The Buhari approach of fighting ideas with force is not helping the country at all,face Kanu on the levels of logic and see the results

The size of the problem
As of today and in spite of all the setbacks, the largest pool of educated Nigerians in Ndigbo. In 2007, Imo State had more subscribers to the JAMB/UTME Examinations than all the 19 Northern States put together. In 2017, 56% of NYSC members were from the South East,,,SEn Enyinnaya Abaribe
Our feat in education means that we have the army to win the war of competition in a market driven economy/ Sen Abaribe On Ndigbo
The history
We can situate our position today following the end of the civil war in 1970. Igbo’s in 1970 were impoverished having lost an estimated 3m Igbo souls in the war, with a ruined and destroyed landscape and infrastructure. Every Igbo man/woman with savings in the banks before the outbreak of hostilities were pauperized as the military government decreed that one would only get 20 pounds notwithstanding the amount you had. The indigenization decree was passed in 1972 and no Igbo could participate since all had been reduced to penury./Sen Abaribe

The current situation 1
The largest group of direct domestic investors in Nigeria are from the south east. Igbo investments in property in Abuja alone probably has more than any other ethnic group. We are the most travelled in Nigeria. In all parts of Nigeria after the indigenous population, Igbo’s are the next largest group. We are the largest propertied class of all ethnic groups in Nigeria and despite all this confusion, we have grown the most economically since the inception of the current democracy in Nigeria. We have the richest and largest pool of Nigeria diaspora population.
Taking an example of Lagos state, Ndigbo form a large proportion of the economy of the state. We created the following from nothing;
Computer Village in Ikeja.
Ladipo Spare Parts market.
Alaba Electronic Market.
Balogun Int’l Market.
Balogun (Trade Fair) International Market
Aspamda market in Festac.
Orile Market for house fittings & appliances etc
All second hand clothing markets in Lagos. About 4 markets
The combined turnover daily of these markets run into billions daily. Lagos state benefits by collecting taxes and now its economy contributes 56% of all VAT collected in Nigeria.
Above scenario is replicated in most big cities in Nigeria. Go to Kano, Port Harcourt, Benin City, Kaduna, Sokoto, not to talk of Abuja. Ndigbo are very large players in the economy of all parts of Nigeria.
Current situation 2
In fact, one of the criticisms we face today in Nigeria is to explain why should this agitation for separation be under President Buhari when it was not done under the previous administration? However, that criticism is not true. Recall that under President Obasanjo and Yar’adua there was Massob which was managed much better than today.
However, you will recall that when this government came into place, President Buhari went to the US where he made a most unfortunate statement that was widely condemned at that time. He reportedly said that he doesn’t need to bother about the 5% that didn’t vote for him but will rather concern himself with the 97% that voted for him.
I had at the time the statement was made raised concern that such declaration from an elected President sounds discriminatory and may create the impression that our elected President Buhari is sending a message to those who didn’t vote for him that he will be partial in his decision making.
Unfortunately, it seems also that the people who are in and around the president didn’t advise him properly. They left him to make appointments and take decisions that gave the impression that there are some parts of the country that are not supposed to be part of Nigeria.
Why are we not Investing at Home
Lack of Infrastructure. Should we continue to blame the Fed Govt for the dilapidated infrastructures in Ala Igbo? What of our home governments in Igbo States? Sam Mbakwe of blessed memory did not wait for the Fed Govt before undertaking massive rebuilding of old IMO State. We think that we have not given our best to our people with the little we got. Insecurity. Nowhere have we hurt ourselves and investment in Ala Igbo than in the insecurity pervading all parts of our homeland. /Sen Abaribe
Economic biafra
Nigeria loses N224 billion revenue to IPOB sit-at-home order…Which means the igbos can contribute N224b for economic growth by saving for one day

Economic Federalism = Economic Biafra
So igbos in USA are asking for IPOB bank account details… Issorite…so they can make voluntary donations to affected families etc … That means also if they are convinced of transparency and effective management.. They will release funds for the economic development of the same “biafra”.
If you add this to what the locals will contribute …. The last time I did this complex calculation.. The lowest point was N15b per month while the highest point will be in the region of N29b/month.
But will kanu make a shift.?. I doubt it. He still wants political independence… And we badly need his popularity. So we have to wait for our own Joshua the Son of Nun… To complete the journey that Moses started

Nnamdi Kanu Announces Start Of Biafra Atonement 2019 { Change Of Flag Is No Solution To Ndigbo Problems,Self Financed Regional Economic Development Is/BA}
Economic Biafra : Prof Barth Nnaji urges SE leaders to self fund power projects for Industrial development

Economic Biafra : Prof Barth Nnaji urges SE leaders to self fund power projects for Industrial development

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Ndigbo,Go for Economic Biafra,Follow The Example of Catalonia/Obeta Max

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