Is Buhari leading a divided “team”?..,is democracy safe?/Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson

Nigerians won’t want to believe there is a problem in communication within the Security machinery, this would put PMB in ugly light.
With instructions and counter instructions, it is not good for us in a time like this? Considering Magu crying the other day, how some Fake EFCC agents are marauding to intimidate citizens and collect funds from them.
This is absolutely embarrassing,but should we now believe some folks may be working tirelessly to give the Govt a selective and undemocratic coloration;this is also possible but not very good.
Who could be working on PMB’S military head of state CV to harras the Citizens?
This has become necessary with the rumored DSS visit to Prophet Elbuba and withdrawal. Are these men from the command? With the case of kidnappings around town, what is the Govt doing to enlighten the Citizens about the President sworn democratic Oath of office to serve every Nigerian in every possible democratic means but not to infuse fright into the Citizens?
We can not remember the last time Nigerians went through such trauma from leadership.
It is important the President’s team rise up to reassure Nigerians of equality, fairness and love for every citizen, regardless of Creed, language or geographical boundaries.
We must not give opportunity to enemies who rather prefer to crash our hard earned democracy and take advantage of such loophole to make the Citizens believe Baba, for the fear of any opposition winning the election may opt to disrupt our democratic experience by negligence to address the escalating terror across the land. -Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON GNR

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