Catholic church to screen candidates

A catholic group has said that it would screen aspirants contesting for political positions in 2019 election. The group called Catholic Action-Nigeria called on aspirants to fill aspiration forms on their website.

They made this know in a press briefing at the Catholic television office in Abuja on Monday, August 20. The chairman of the board of trustees, Peter Agbontean have called on Nigerians vying for political positions to fill the aspiration.

He said: “Catholic Action-Nigeria will be examining individuals vying for political positions who make themselves available to us.”

To this end, we hereby call on interested Nigerians vying for political positions to fill in the aspiration form on our website-www.catholicng.org and attach the following: Presidential aspirants: A ten-year economy and political blueprint for the nation, to be submitted on or before Friday, September 14, 2018.”

“For governorship positions, candidates are expected to submit: a ten-year economic/political blueprint to be submitted on or before Friday, November 2, 2018.”

“Legislatures, both federal and state are to submit a blueprint of bills for five years, which is expected to lead to the development of the nation, states and their respective constituencies. This is expected to be submitted on or before Friday, November 2, 2018.”

“We need young Nigerians to understand that the first 20 years in this fourth republic started in 1999 and is due to end in 2019. The activities that have been carried out between the years, 1999 to date has brought us to the present challenges in our country, which is not favourable to many. Therefore we call on all patriotic youth to take the responsibility of deciding what they want from the years, 2019 to 2039 which will determine the nation, the next generation of youths will dwell.”


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