Since 1960 most Nigerian leaders who had all the opportunities to reset the Country by breaking down the ethnic-religious barriers,galvanize the Citizens towards Collective prosperity, patriotism and productive Successive leadership but got carried away with the euphoria & seduction of power so their embarked on cosmetological leadership. Today they are either dead or old but can’t rest well , going by the results from what they left behind‬. If you pray God should deny them old age rest, folks will think you are wicked.

But can’t you see how in their Old age, they are still troubled about our unresolved National problems. How many sleepless nights they suffer for these reasons. Most founding fathers and past leaders of Nigeria had the opportunity to put Nigeria on the pedestal of true nationhood. They messed up ultimately.
Their National Securities withdrawn at Will all because they have to be reminded of their unfinished palaver…

There are examples in history where leaders have helped steer the ship of their nations in the right part and direction thereby avoiding regrets in their later lives. The founding fathers and framers of the constitution of the United States of America Thomas Jefferson, John Adam’s, Benjamin Franklin Alexandra Hamilton etc, were committed to bequeathing a worthy nation to their generations unborn. They were visionary leaders. Chairman Mao of China laid the foundation for the prosperity we all are witnessing in China today, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania was exemplary, what about Nelson Mandela, the list is endless!

The present sorry state of Nigeria’s past leaders and the nation could be mirrored in the above narrative but in the opposite. Nigerian leaders are like most parents who chase frivolities rather than form solid foundation for their families and offsprings.
In such parents old age, they are driven from one Police station to another, from one Prison to another , from one psychiatric center to another, from one court to another court and from one broken home to another broken home…

It is not attractive to watch them moan and groan in pain and try to exonerate themselves pointing at all the provided for these children. Yet they ended up in shame..

Don’t let us focus our lense on these parent though we can’t help but draw examples to Nigerian leaders today.
The worst they dread is to watch our executive presidency in the hands of a power drunk and reckless managers…
May we learn our lessons of Leadership unfinished task….-Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON
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