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Couple films themselves raping children

A married couple, who filmed themselves raping two children, now face decades in jail for their horrific crimes.

Matthew and Diane Maynard, from North Carolina in the United States, were arrested recently when the recordings came to light.

At first it was thought to be outsourced indecent footage of children but detectives soon realised the couple in the videos were the Maynards themselves.

The husband and wife – both 35 – used a phone to film the abuse and saved the clips on Google Drive, Mirror UK reports.

The two victims were both under 13.

Matthew and Diane will each face between 33 and 47 years in jail, depending on their behaviour while behind bars.

They admitted one count each of first degree exploitation of a minor and statutory rape of a child by an adult.

Local news station, WITN, said a citizen reported the couple when they spotted the recordings on a computer.

Onslow County Sheriff, Hans Miller, said: “I hope the victims can get counselling to help them overcome this traumatic event and live happy lives.”

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