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Cow War transforming into religious war?

Contrary to the press conference of our Muslim brothers in Adamawa state, the Bachama people have no militia and have no intention of having one. If we do, what transpired in Suwa, Koh and Kodomun would have been history. We are peace loving people but detest LIMITS. There is no society that ever controlled all of its followers, otherwise, the massacre in Koh in Girei and Kodomun in Demsa possibly would have been controlled by either the Muslim Ummah or Mityetti Allah. We are Christians and as Christians detest violence. The perception by the Muslim Ummah that it was a ethnic cleansing and at the same time and ethno-religious violence can never be true. Or do we also say the Koh and Kodomun massacre was a religious one? We chose to remain silent because we are lawful people. The threats of REPRISAL from some section of the Fulani and Hausa community is understood and appreciated, we understand the anger and frustrations from them, we had on several occasions passed through same frustrations and anger too but choose to be patient. Let it be known that, as much as we condemn in its entirety the actions of the killings of Innocent women and children, we will not and can never shy away from WAR. We will abide by what ever decision to be taken by Govt on this issues bearing in mind we have had several calamities in the past. If there will be any arrest, so be it, but it should cut across all offenders including those who killed our people in Koh and Kodomun. Reprisal attacks will not be the solution to the unfortunate happening but will cause more harm to all. We have lived with our Hausa Fulani for centuries. We will therefore not allow anything that will worsen the already high tension on ground. Nobody should threaten our existence in our Land because we will defend it. This is not to say that we are in anyway in support of the wanton killings. It is barbaric and uncalled for. Children and women should never be armed in anyway, the Bible has told us so. Unfortunately ANGER and FRUSTRATION took center stage away from humanity. We will pray for consolation from God and will look forward to a better Kingdom where Peace will take eminence over hate. We sympathize with the entire Fulani And Bachama Communities.
We also console with the entire people of Mubi and the Muslim Ummah on the unfortunate attack on innocent worshippers. We feel their grief and pray God to forgive the perpetrators and console the bereaved. The entire Bachama Kingdom are in pains for the unfortunate occurrences – PRO Bwatiye Youth Wing

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