COZA: For those who have been abused in our structures, I deeply apologize – Pastor Poju

The Senior Pastor of the Covenant Christian Centre, Poju Oyemade, has revealed that he couldn’t watch the full video of Bukola Dakolo’s revelation on how she was raped at a young age by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA.

However, Fatoyinbo denied the allegation with a re-echoed claim that he never raped anyone even as an unbeliever.

The clergyman though admitted that Busola once attended the same church with his family.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Oyemade, who had invited Fatoyinbo to preach in his church a few times, gave his opinion on the on-going allegation.

He said: “My position on the case.
“I have been asked by many well meaning people about my position concerning the accusation of rape made against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

“I could only watch the tape by Busola Dakolo for a few minutes, it was difficult to sit through it. From what I heard it is impossible not to be heart broken and sympathise with her. She must have gone through a lot and then to sit to tape her experience must have been very painful.

“She is today a wife and mother of three to have to relive a 20yr old experience.

“I immediately contacted the spiritual leader in the Body of Christ I believe Pastor Biodun deferrs in authority to, to wade into the issue and bring about a decision.

“He informed me his position. It was that Pst Biodun should first step down from the pulpit indefinitely, suspend 7days of glory and make a public statement. These he made known to him directly in an hour.

“This should serve as the first step. He informed me that was the position and asked my opinion.

“We had 3 objectives in mind.
1. Justice
2. Healing
3. Redemption.

“I have been informed that the decision to step down and cancel the 7 days of Glory have been made.

“It is apparent that the manner in which our Pentecostal Churches were/are born with an individual receiving a call directly from God and we all operating largely as independent bodies, our governing structures are not as strong as in the orthodox church settings with the exemption of Pentecostal denominations where you are appointed a pastor and can be easily sanctioned.

“This, however, makes it imperative that we go an extra mile to show a high level of compassion and sense of responsibility for people placed under our care or else what has brought our great growth may be what will destroy us.

“For those who have been abused and exposed in our independent pentecostal structures, I deeply apologize and we will seek to build stronger structures through peer reviews and in our relationships.
Thank you and God bless you.”

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