Dangote saved Sanusi from being dethroned

According to report from Vanguard Nigeria, it is the business tycoon Aliko Dangote was the only one to plead on behalf of Sanusi in order not to be removed by Governor Ganduje.

Sources from government said the governor gave Dangote some conditions which must be met in order to save the Emir since the Emir would not stop criticising the government.

he source said “Governor Ganduje’s response was that he told Dangote to go back and tell the Emir that he should choose from three alternatives: to resign on his own, to be removed from office or for the government to create additional Emirates in the state. Ganduje assured Dangote that one of the three options would be implemented by government since the Emir would not stop playing partisan politics. But for the quick intervention by Dangote, Ganduje would have dethroned the Emir”, the source revealed.

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