Dasuki has memory loss..Metuh says he has no money…Now Jonathan cant even remember sending Oliseh Metuh on any assignment : To your tents O Israel

Ozehkome said: “The linchpin of this application is not that the former President is throwing doubts on transactions involving the defendants and Dasuki, but that he was not physically present when the transactions were going on, because he had many appointees.

“My lord, because of this, we are saying that he will not be a good witness to state what actually happened regarding the transactions.

“He can never be able to know details of transactions all his aides carried out within his over four years tenure in office. He is not saying that the transactions are fake or incorrect or fictitious, no! He is only saying that he does not know the details.

“Whatever evidence he will be giving based on the subpoena will amount to hearsay evidence”.

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