Democracy has no gender nor ethnicity.. Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson


Democracy has no gender, creed nor ethnicity. To watch her being slaughtered under any disguise, disqualify us for a free society. It is only a matter of time, It would arrive at your doorstep dead.. She as the woman of the law, would still benefit tomorrow those who condemned her today as long as they turn around to stand under the rule of law. That is why some of us who were yesterday’s coup detat masterminds that ignorantly pulled down a democratic govt, jailbirds & CCB guests could emerge elected Public officers. All these are possible in a free Society. Please don’t get me wrong. So it’s amusing to watch some Ignorant citizens go dumb or mortgage Democracy when they should defend her, knowing a healthy democracy is every free Society Citizens hope. Going by our present state, Nigerians must strengthen the Rule of law as to further expand our democratic space. – Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON GNR



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