Democracy is under attack in Kaduna/Danjuma Azemobo Musa

Mallam Nasir Elrufai made history today in Nigeria; he deployed, through KADSIECOM Electronic Voting for Local Government and Councillorship Election in Kaduna State.

Some of us, against all odds, endorsed the initiative.

However, as accreditation and elections commenced today, Mallam, probably well intentioned with his deployment of electronic voting, never expected that the Kaduna electorate are determined to vote their will and that unless if the e-voting platforms/gadgets are rigged they won’t lie. So he went head on….

Now the people have decided, but what is happening? It seems the “Independent” in Kaduna SEICOM is just a mere unintended expression as SEICOM has withdrawn all it’s returning officers from all wards and someone from somewhere has ordered that electorates who are anxious to see their votes count are being brutally chased away from their polling units with water cannon and tear gas by fiercely armed policemen…

Democracy is under attack in Kaduna.

PDP winning in Kaduna lga elections

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