Deputy Governor chased out of town hall

A true example of a wanabee Leader : by Ibrahim Bunu

SOKAPU’s committee on restructuring had a town hall meeting yesterday in kaduna. Bantext(Deputy Governor) came and it ended in him being booed repeatedly in the hall. And the hall was full to the brim with our parents. It was so embarrassing for him that at a point he started stammering. Infact it got to a stage that people were screaming that he should go and sit down when he said he wants to conclude.

The things he said:

He said he doesn’t believe in anything called middle belt.

He said we do not like people from the northern part and that’s why we are adopting the we V them altitude.

He lied that people in SK are preaching politics of exclusion and denying us this chance of getting development.

That sokapu is playing the role of elected representatives and alienating people from from mainstream politics. That its representative democracy we are in but sokapu is doing the job of others.

That sokapu is making noise and being confrontational instead of limiting itself to an ethnic organisation that it is.

He kept lying, twisting issues and at each stage the hall was booing and jeering at him.

The last issue was when he said the most expensive road under construction was in southern Kaduna. He however couldn’t say anything when the hall roared that he should name the road. He couldn’t and the hall again jeered and booed him.

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