Did Emzor Pharmaceuticals Act unethically?

Did Emzor Pharmaceuticals Act unethically
1. Codeine in Cough syrup is quantity controlled by NAFDAC from the ports.
2.Emzor has not exceeded its quota for the importation or utilization for the year and still has auditable stock in ts premises.
3.Ths issue of A BBC correspondence interviewing an Emzor Sales staff…is not denied by them ..but the person in question is like a freelance sales person who may have had a hand in ensuring full availability of all brand of cough syrups containing codeine not just the Emzor Brand.
4.Against this background the closure of the liquid line of the company for preliminary investigation is understandable …which would normally be completed in a few days. Lengthy shut down begins to allow the reading of ethnic sentiments into the whole thing…and the very national objective of controlling drug abuse will be at the mercy of totally unproductive issue.

Somewhere along the line.The woman here is the head of NAFDAC …since the BBC documentary came up she has made two…

Posted by Benjamin Amaechi on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

NAFDAC Shuts Down The Entire Emzor Pharmaceuticals, Not just their codeine production lines. All production lines -…

Posted by Iffy Chika on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Before Monkey hand becomes human hand…I still hold Adeyeye of NAFDAC responsible for mismanaging this EMZOR issue to look ethnic./BA

Too late…just got this inbox…Codeine has now become a Nigerian==========Yes they did. Even the short film put the…

Posted by Benjamin Amaechi on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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