DinoGate and Democracy, The World is Watching

Shebi we want foreign investors to come?

But you take a Senator of the federal republic and subject him to this level of ridicule in the name of politics? No country will take Nigeria serious.

Buhari is a very vindictive man, he and his co-travellers are ready to arrest even the smallest of his critics just to suppress every voice against them. What a pity?

My consolation is that he will not be in power forever, and the likes of IGP and COAS will definitely pay for their atrocities.

No government since 1999 has committed as much genocide as the Buhari government against IPOB and Shiites, the records are there and time is ticking.

The world is watching…. Donald Nwa


The inboxes am getting are all the same this morning…” Did Dino sleep here till morning”.
I don’t think so..maybe he hurriedly posted for this picture and went inside.I have condemned this man several times on my wall. If I use the words in my mind now..you will hate me. He is a Nigerian .. regretfully made a senator. As a Nigerian he should not be bullied frequently by the security forces…it’s sends a signal that freedom of speech may have well been lost. Needless to say…if people fear to express them selves….then bh is even a less dangerous option.The world is watching. In places in the western world..they will be seating down and be planning to safeguard democracy…etc. They will come to conclusions that you can hardly believe.The day they start implementing these decisions we will be looking like mumu.Dont be surprised to find out that more youths will be completing the national service and join the US armed forces straight. The people plan for decades. Good Morning



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